Where is ShuangYan Bird’s Nest made?
ShuangYan is a proudly made in Malaysia products. Our operation is based in Kuala Lumpur and our Bird’s Nest is harvested from our own swiftlet farms in Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Is your Bird’s Nest safe for pregnant ladies?
Our Bird’s Nest is safe and beneficial for pregnant ladies. We also recommend Bird’s Nest for pre-and post-natal care.

How to store the Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest? Is there an expiry date?
Dried Bird’s Nest does not have to be refrigerated, simply store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

How do I consume the Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest?
You can consume immediately after opening. For optimum results, it is best to be consumed on empty stomach in the morning and/or before you go to bed.

What are the ingredients used in each bottle of Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest?
We use only natural ingredients (Red Date, Pandan & American Ginseng), RO water, and rock sugars.

How many grams of Dried Bird’s Nest are there in each bottle of Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest?
There are 3 grams in each bottle of our Freshly Boiled Bird’s Nest.

Is your Bird’s Nest chemical-free?
Our Bird’s Nest is Lab-Test Certified and 100% free from Chemicals, Preservatives and Colourings.

Delivery FAQs


How much is the delivery fee?
Our delivery fee is RM 10 flat rate for orders within West Malaysia. 

What are the delivery options and when can I receive my order?
Klang Valley Delivery Date: Mondays to Saturdays (except for Sundays and Public Holidays, unless stated otherwise). Delivery Time: Next day delivery or you can choose a delivery day of your choice.

Other States (West Malaysia) Delivery Date: 1-3 days upon item being shipped out. Item will be shipped every Monday and Wednesday only by Cold Truck.

** To ensure the freshness of our Bird’s Nest, any orders placed after 7.30pm will be processed the next day.

Can I request for a specific delivery arrival date?
We offer next-day delivery within Klang Valley. As such, you can select the specific delivery date upon checkout. Unfortunately, for outstation delivery, as we engage an external courier service, we are unable to determine the exact date and time of delivery, as their operations are not within our control. For outstation delivery, it will typically take 1 to 3 working days.

How do I receive the delivery update?
You will receive a delivery update via WhatsApp/SMS notifications on the day your order is set to be delivered.

What if the receiver is not present at the time of delivery?
For Klang Valley order, the receiver will receive SMS notifications when the driver is on the way to the delivery address. If our driver has arrived at the delivery address but the receiver is not present, we will arrange for re-delivery at an added delivery fee. 

For outstation order, if the receiver is not present at the time of delivery, our courier company will re-deliver within the next day.  

Can I change the delivery address?
If you change address, you must update your delivery address details on the “My Account” section of the website to ensure that no deliveries are sent out to the wrong address. Please ensure this is done the day before the intended delivery day. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support for an immediate response. We are unable to provide refunds for any deliveries sent to the wrong location where we have not received advance notice.

How do you make sure the Bird's Nest is fresh for outstation delivery?
We will pack the Bird’s Nest in a cooler box with ice packs to ensure the Bird’s Nest is fresh during delivery.

Subscription FAQs


Can I change my subscription plan or my personalized option?
Yes, we are always happy to help you find the plan that suits you best. Please email us your details at shuangyanbirdnest@gmail.com.

Can I cancel my subscription?
We are so sorry to hear you go and would love to hear from you as to how we could have made it better. Your subscription package is not refundable, but you can transfer to the other friend to enjoy your package.


What are the best timings to consume Bird’s Nest?
For optimum result, it is best to be consumed on empty stomach in the morning and/or before you go to bed

Who should avoid consuming Bird’s Nest?
Babies under 6 months old, people suffering from a cold, late-stage cancer patients, and those with protein allergies.

Can I consume Bird’s Nest while breastfeeding?
Yes, It is safe for breastfeeding mothers to consume. It provides nutrients for breast milk, and this is the best way to help your baby grow healthy, fight off diseases, and get smart with the best nutrients in breast milk.

Can I consume Bird’s Nest during confinement?
Yes. It is encouraged for mothers to consume Bird’s Nest after giving birth due to its ability to rejuvenate and energize them during confinement. The essential nutrients help improve appetite and digestion, repairing damaged tissues and improving overall immunity. The Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in bird’s nest promotes the postpartum recovery and boosts milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.

When should pregnant women start consuming Bird’s Nest?
Bird’s Nest is generally safe for expecting mothers to consume during pregnancy as it provides nutrition in the form of protein, carbohydrate, iron and fibre throughout their whole 9 months of pregnancy. Bird’s Nest can regulate bodily mechanisms and boost immunity, especially during the first three months of pregnancy as it is important to supply nutrients.


Can I change or amend my order once it has been placed?
Should you need to change your order, please contact our customer support at +6011-60548195 immediately. We can change and amend the order before the item is delivered.

Can I cancel my order?
After purchasing the product, you may contact the seller for further instruction and information about canceling your order.

How do I return or exchange an item?
Kindly refer to our Refund Policy at 'Return & Exchange'.

What if my Bird’s Nest is missing or the bottle is broken?
We try our very best to ensure that our Bird’s Nest reach you in good condition. That said, if that happens, we will always be happy to replace for you. Please reach out to us at +6018-2280320, and our customer support will happily take care of your concerns.

What if my Dried Bird’s Nest is broken during the transit?
Kindly refer to our Refund Policy at 'Return & Exchange'.


Test the premium quality of our Bird's Nest, allow your body to have the chance to be healthier and more nutritional.
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